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10 Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Planning your dream wedding? Got your dress, picked the venue, and now it's time to find the perfect photographer to capture all those beautiful moments! But wait, don't whip out your camera just yet. I am here to guide you through 10 fun and essential questions to ask your potential wedding photographer. I am a wedding photographer + videographer based out Dallas, Texas (if you are looking, let's connect!) with many weddings under my belt and I wanted to create a list since we just passed engagement season!

Let's make sure you're both on the same page and ready to create some magical memories.

1. "Are you available on our big day?"

Picture this: You've found the photographer of your dreams, and they're already booked on your wedding day. Bummer! So, make sure to start with this question. If they're not available, don't worry; there are plenty of fish (or photographers) in the sea.

2. "What's your photography style?"

Every photographer has a unique style, just like every couple has their own love story. Are you envisioning timeless classics, candid snapshots, or artistic creations? Knowing their style will ensure your wedding album reflects your personality.

3. "Show us your greatest hits!"

Think of this as your photographer's greatest hits album. Ask to see their portfolio, and be ready to be wowed! It's like previewing a movie before deciding to buy a ticket. You want to love their work!

4. "How many weddings have you photographed?"

Experience matters in the world of wedding photography. It's like hiring a DJ who knows exactly when to play your favorite song – the more weddings they've shot, the better they'll be at capturing your special moments.

5. "Do you have a backup plan?"

We all know life is unpredictable. What if the camera decides it's having a bad day? A professional photographer should have backup equipment and a backup plan to ensure your day is perfectly documented, no matter what.

6. "What's in your wedding photography package?"

Let's talk packages! Just like picking your wedding cake, you want to know what's included. How many hours will they be snapping pics? Will you get digital files, prints, or albums? Get the full scoop so you can budget accordingly.

7. "How do you handle challenging lighting?"

From the bright sun during your outdoor ceremony to the romantic candlelit reception, lighting can be a real game-changer. Ask your photographer how they handle different lighting conditions – they're the lighting wizards, after all!

8. "Got any fans? References or reviews, please!"

Who doesn't love reading reviews? Ask for references or check out their online reviews from past couples. It's like getting recommendations from friends, and it'll help you feel confident in your choice.

9. "What's your approach to posing?"

Not everyone is a professional model, right? So, ask about their approach to posing. Whether you want to feel like a supermodel or prefer the candid, real moments, make sure they get your vibe.

10. "When will we get our photos?"

Patience is a virtue, but it's also hard when you're waiting for those gorgeous wedding photos. Ask about their post-production process and the timeline for delivering your precious memories.

And there you have it – 10 fun and engaging questions to ask your wedding photographer. Remember, your photographer isn't just there to take pictures; they're there to capture the essence of your love story, so choose wisely and let the magic happen!

I have a list of other questions you may want to ask if you want to get an in depth list!

Just send me over a message!

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