How would you describe your film style?

We are cinematic filmmakers. We shoot with one goal in mind; to tell your unique story with a point of view. We do this through the use of high-quality images, speeches, music, and a mix of audio collected throughout your day. It is a passion of ours to capture who you are as well as the energy and feel of your day. We want to tell your love story. 


How does your videography pricing work?

Our "Basic" package starts at $1500 for 4 hours of coverage with one videographer.  Our "Premium" is priced at $3,600 for 8-hours, two videographers, and drone footage. However, we offer a variety of add-ons you may utilize in customizing your film. We give you the freedom to create a package that is right for you. 

How does your photography pricing work?

If you want to keep it simple, our basic package starts at $1200 for 4-hour coverage, one photographer and a minimum of 300 digital images.  Our most popular package is the "Premium" at $2800. The "Premium"  includes  engagement OR bridal session, 8-hour wedding coverage, 2 photographers on day of wedding, and a minimum of 500 digital images! The price will fluctuate depending on your add-on if chosen.

Do you touch up all images in our direct download?

We do adjustments according to our unique signature style. This involves exposure adjustment, tone-mapping, clarity adjustments, color correction, selective black and white processing, and other corrections. This is how we tell your story. If there are photos that you wish to have retouched, we can do so with a touch-up fee.

Do you shoot weddings outside of DFW?

Yes, we do! A lot of us have gained our creative inspiration from traveling the world! Just factor in our travel expenses if your wedding is outside of a 50-mile range.


What type of equipment do you use?

We utilize high-quality gear to capture exceptional audio and visuals. Depending on the wedding contract, we will bring 2-3 cameras and a drone if added to the package. You will see us with a Sony A7RIV and/or Sony a7III and Mavic Mini 2 drone. We also use a recorder to document your vows or love letters if requested.


Can I pick the music for my video?

Due to licensing legalities, we will choose the film’s song. Although, we do encourage you to give us a specific direction on your preferred style of music. If you find something on that you like, we can most definitely access it for use.


When will I get my video or photos?

Give us 4-6 weeks to complete your package. Once completed, we will send you a direct download link that will be available for 30 days. The link provided and it's contents can be viewed by anyone you share it with.